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Eat Organic to help the Bees!

Bees and other pollinators are in steep decline in the UK, with several species facing extinction. We can help reverse this trend by changing the way we look after our own patches of garden – grow the flowering plants they love, avoid all pesticides, and leave some water out for them and other wildlife.

But you can also help bees when you’re shopping and cooking by choosing organic. Bees, birds, and wildlife in general have been shown to be 50% more abundant on organic farms than on those ‘conventionally’ farmed - with around 75% more wild bees! This is partly because organic farmers use very few pesticides or other harmful chemicals. But it’s also because growing organically means working with nature, which involves more mixed farming, rotations with herbal leys and wildflower margins – in short, more desperately-needed habitat for bees and other wildlife.

And it’s not just the obvious things like organic fruit and veg that make a difference. Everything in that packet of breakfast cereal or tomato ketchup started off growing on a farm somewhere – and that farm could be helping, not harming the bees!

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