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Online Shop FAQs

Q: What's in a box?

A: Our freshest, tastiest produce this week! Your box will always contain some basics (potatoes, carrots, onions) and the rest will depend on the season.

Q: Do you deliver your veg boxes?

A: Yes, we have a free delivery service to postcodes EH25 and EH26. We can’t deliver outside these postcodes.


Q: When do you deliver?

A: Our deliveries take place on Thursdays.


Q: Can I specify a time-slot for delivery?

A: No, sorry. If you’re not going to be home just let us know a safe place to leave it (shed, porch, doorstep etc).


Q: Can I collect from the Storehouse instead?

A: Yes, you can collect on any day. Your box will be ready to collect from Thursday morning onwards. And as a thank you, we’ll give you a voucher for a free tea or coffee!


Q: Where does the produce come from? Is it local? organic?

A: All the fruit and veg in our boxes is certified organic and much of it is grown on organic farms in East Lothian. Two of these also act as organic wholesalers and we use these to source produce from further afield, usually England or Spain. None of our produce comes by air.


Q: Do I have to commit to a weekly box?

A: No, you can choose a weekly box, or fortnightly, or monthly - or you can order a one-off box as and when you fancy.


Q: How do I cancel or skip a box?

A: Just email and we can cancel or skip any regular orders (subscriptions).


Q: How do you take payments for my orders?

A: When you order on-line you’re providing us with authorisation to take a payment from your card - it’s not a direct debit.  We can’t see the card details that you enter. 


Q: If I place an order today, when will I get my box?

A: We take orders a week in advance so that we can sort our own supplies. All orders up to 5pm on a Sunday will be delivered the following Thursday (or be available for collection from the following Thursday).


Q: Can I add other groceries onto my delivery?

A: Yes, take a look at our on-line shop - you can add milk, eggs, bread, extra fruit or veg, and even some items from our refillery, and scones from our cafe!


Q: Can I exclude particular fruit or veg? 

If you have particular allergies or dislikes let us know and we can avoid that item - but only up to 2 please, otherwise packing becomes very time-consuming. There’s space to leave us a message about dislikes when you order.

After all, part of the fun of getting a veg box is coming across something you’ve never tried before!

Q: Can I have more than one active subscription?

A: Yes, so long as at least one is for a Veg Box. Unfortunately, you will need to check out separately for each subscription you set up, as our website is unable to process multiple subscriptions in one transaction. To make the process easier, click on the "My Account" button (found under the basket at the top of the page) to create an account where you can save your address details for use each time you check out.

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