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Read on to find out more about the different roles we have available...

Shop volunteers

Our shop volunteers make sure the shop is ready for the day, looking clean and tidy, and all stocked up. Throughout the day we greet customers, take cafe orders and put transactions through the till. We also clear tables and top up stock, including the fruit & veg display. Towards the end of the day, we make sure the shop is clean, tidy and all set up for the next day.
If you have a preference for either working at the till or behind the scenes helping with stock, just let us know.

Fruit and Veg volunteer

We are currently looking for a new fruit and veg volunteer. This role involves helping to
make up fruit & veg boxes for customers, unloading and checking fruit &
 veg deliveries, pricing veg, writing price tickets and arranging fruit & veg for display.
We are looking for someone with a genuine interest in fruit and veg, especially organic. You should feel comfortable with numbers (arithmetic) and be happy to get your hands dirty!

Cafe volunteers

If cooking, baking or cleaning and tidying is more your thing, perhaps you’d like to volunteer in our cafe? As well as baking cakes and scones every day, our cafe volunteers make fresh soups and do some food preparation. We make hot drinks throughout the day and serve food and drinks to our customers. We stop serving hot food at 3pm, so after that it’s preparing for the next day and cleaning up. In addition, we also make jam, marmalade and preserves if you’d like to try your hand at that!

Board Members

Our Board Members help to make the big picture decisions for the Storehouse and plan for our future. We are all about Community and want what is best for our staff, volunteers and the wider community. If you have something to contribute and would like to help shape the future of the Storehouse, let us know if you’d like to join the Board.

If you like the sound of any of that, or you have any special skills you would like to share, then please

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