LAST FEW DAYS to complete community survey

DEADLINE is this Saturday 16th November

This is an exciting opportunity for Penicuik. We have got through to the final round.

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WE now have 250 survey forms completed and our target is 400! Only take 2 minutes. Big difference, the more views we get.

The Penicuik Community Climate Change Challenge – Positive low carbon living now

Its in the news.  Big time.  The public expression of concern and interest to do something has never been greater.  But do what? What can you do locally and what help can you get locally?

The Penicuik Community Alliance is applying to Keep Scotland Beautiful to get a grant from the Scottish Government’s community Climate Challenge Fund, for a 2-year project.

WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR VIEWS to help us shape the project

You don’t have to sign up to anything.  The project is for community wide benefit and if successful in getting the funding it will be open to anyone if they wish to get involved in whatever way they feel they can. Or they can just take confidence in knowing that the community is acting.

The project will be run by the community for the community.

Some quotes we have received so far:

‘I am very excited about the ideas being put forward by the local community for this project…all of which we can do in the community.  Its easy to see how others can benefit from the efforts’.

‘Such a project will help improve the health and wellbeing by offering places for people to come and be together and try out new things, talk and share what they know’.

‘Wow, I would love to see a refillery here in Penicuik – will reduce waste and my family would love to come and use it’.

‘We should support local recycling more…I wish I could sort out some of the issues I have with my computer on my own without having to pay because I can’t afford it’.

‘Great idea – means less food waste.  Can’t wait to learn how to cook and help the planet at the same time’.

‘Thank you so much – so much value to Midlothian’.

So, what ideas have we received so far from Storehouse customers, volunteers and others so from the community? They would like to see:

  • Workshops and sessions to help people to repair, maintain and upcycle their stuff – could be computers, furniture, textiles, clothes, bikes etc.
  • Cooking classes to develop skills, share information and conversations about saving money, reducing energy, food waste and climate change.
  • Learn more about what they can do locally in Penicuik and their homes to tackle climate change.
  • Spaces, places and events where people can come together more to share, learn and help.
  • Creative activities – story telling, puppets, seasonal celebrations, learning new skills. Create jobs or small business ideas.
  • Setting up a refillery and zero-waste section within the Penicuik Storehouse shop where you can buy things without plastic or packaging, whilst buying the amount you need rather than too much at affordable prices.
  • Events suitable everyone (all ages, abilities, families, groups and individuals) around becoming a low carbon, sustainable, Zero Waste Penicuik.
  • Things we can do help regenerate the heart of Penicuik as well as using venues throughout Penicuik so that as many people in the community can benefit.

If successful, the project activities, services and facilities will make it easier for residents to adopt low-carbon behaviours, and lead to eco-friendly culture change in our community.

If you want someone to come and talk to your group about the project please get in touch, contact

The Questionnaire

Send you views now – CLICK HERE 


About The Storehouse

Penicuik Storehouse is a community project and social enterprise especially relevant for Penicuik to help bring local food business back to the High Street and to be a hub for people to meet, learn and support each other.

Penicuik Storehouse is owned by over 900 shareholders (and increasing) and run on behalf of the community by a community benefit society –  the Penicuik Community Alliance. We have been leasing the old Scotmid store at 22 The High Street since last 2017 and thanks to The Scottish Land Fund and our shareholders we, the community,  now all own it.

There is a shop open seven days a week in the front of the ground floor and several local businesses have a stall in there one day a week.

The popular community meals are run on Tuesdays in St James the Less Church Hall (top of Broomhill Road, just 5 mins walk from Penicuik High Street).

We will have an expanded shop soon with a greater range of products and more stalls from local producers.

There will also be a community cafe with a training kitchen which will enable vulnerable people within our community to gain experience and skills in cooking and customer service. A seating area will be a great place to meet and have a chat with friends while enjoying simple fare from the kitchen, a good cup of coffee and freshly baked bread and cakes. We aim to eventually include a Changing Places Toilet in our facilities.

Most of all we hope to bring the heart back into Penicuik town centre through good food, a place to meet and community events.

With the award from the Scottish Land Fund  we have resumed renovations to the ground floor and are applying for Big Lottery funding to get the whole floor operating as a community hub in 2020.

See our current Business Plan