*** 09/05/2020***

Dear Customers,

First of all, thank you so much for your support and encouragement over the last few weeks. It means the world to us that during this difficult time we are still able to serve the Penicuik community.

After much consideration and many, many hours of work, we are opening our doors again on Monday 18/05/2020. Our main priority remains the safety of our volunteers and of our customers. This system will be subject to review on a continuous basis.

Now, what does this mean for your shopping experience with the Storehouse?

We are no longer accepting orders for collection at the door.

We do still accept orders for delivery. In order to make sure we have as much of your order available as possible, we ask that you place your grocery order by Sunday night, either by emailing, or by calling the shop during opening hours. Deliveries will then be made on Thursday night or Friday morning once we have received stock from our suppliers

Ordering and collection of veg boxes will continue as usual. order here

When you come to the shop:

1. Please wait in the marked spot outside the shop for a volunteer to tell you that it’s ok to proceed inside.
2. Please use hand sanitiser as you come in. If you do not have your own, there will be some provided for you at the door.
3. The shop is currently divided into three sections. Only one customer is allowed in each section at any point in time. If there is another customer in the section in front of you, please wait until they have moved on.
4. Please only touch items in order to put them into your basket. Items that require more handling (fridge items, vegetables, bread) will be available from the shop attendant behind the counter.
5. Please come with a shopping list or a clear idea of what you are looking for to minimise time spent in the shop.

Thank you,

The Storehouse Team

*** 30/04/2020***
We are still working on how best to enable the Storehouse to serve the Penicuik community while ensuring that we prioritise the safety of our customers, volunteers, staff, and suppliers. In the meantime, we have made it easier to place orders online
We offer:
A £10.00 vegetable box every Tuesday (and soon Thursdays) order here
General Groceries: You can send us a list of the Groceries you are after. These orders can be placed any day of the week and we will endeavour to fulfil them as quickly as possible (hopefully within one or two days). If we are out of stock of any of the items and can make suggestions for substitutions, of if it may take a little longer to order something in, we will give you a call. Order here.
How to order
1. Open up the order form
2. Provide all the necessary contact information
3. Using either this list or your knowledge of our usual stock, type your order into the order.
4. Submit your order. Please don’t worry if you don’t hear back immediately – the form does not generate an auto-response. If you end up on a landing page that says ‘thank you for your order’ we got your order and will be in touch within 2 business days at the most.
5. We will call you when your order is ready to arrange collection or delivery
The easiest way to get your groceries is to collect from the store once we have called you. Payment for this is done contactless at the door.
We are usually only able to deliver within Penicuik. Moreover, due to limited capacity, we have to prioritise vulnerable people who are not able to come to the store due to self-isolation. Payment for this will be via email invoice (which will walk you through how to make a payment by card online). We will call before sending out the invoice.
These forms collect information that make it easier for us to process your order. It’s not an online shop yet, so if you are not familiar with what we stock, here is a slimmed down list of essentials at the Storehouse. We will keep working on this list, but for now we hope it will serve as a useful indicator.
Follow us on Facebook to find out about special offers!
We will update you on other ways to get your supplies (especially fresh produce) soon!
***new updates from 29/3/2020888***
(please bear with us)
Dear customers old and new,
We have been overwhelmed by your support and encouragement over the last few days. We have also been overwhelmed by the response to our veg box scheme and our online/phone ordering offer.
As a community project, it’s in our DNA to want to do everything possible in any conceivable way to serve the people of Penicuik. However, in these unprecedented times it’s important for all of us to take a moment to reflect and carefully think about what we can do better, how we can be safer.
In our ongoing efforts to make the Storehouse operations as safe as possible for everyone, we are making further changes to how customers can order supplies. In the meantime, we will have to keep the shop closed. Please bear with us while we work out the details of our new system. Updates will be posted on our website, our FB page, and via notices in the shop window. So keep watching this space 🙂 .
Orders received by email and phone by 1pm today (Sunday) will be processed, and we will be in touch via phone or email to arrange the next steps.
If you have gotten in touch to help with volunteering but have not heard back: please know that we are grateful, and will be in touch once we have fully pinned down our new process and know where we can place volunteers safely.
There are many questions at this uncertain time about how the Penicuik storehouse should and can operate. Our number one priority is the safety of our community. We are asking for your patience while we spend the time necessary to consider this subject from all angles and design a solution that allows us to continue to serve the people of Penicuik and support local suppliers, but above all, makes sure we are doing absolutely everything we can to prevent the spread of covid-19.
Thank you for your understanding, your support, and your patience,
The Storehouse Team​

About The Storehouse

Penicuik Storehouse is a community project and social enterprise especially relevant for Penicuik to help bring local food business back to the High Street and to be a hub for people to meet, learn and support each other.

The September 2019 stock take listed 1500 lines in our shop.  Our product range spans fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, bread, personal care and household cleaning.  If you have not yet been in, please come in and look around and talk to our volunteers. Every week we have new customers come in who say they are amazed at what we have in stock.  We also have items for different dietary needs.

Shareholders / members AGM on 27th February 2020, Townhall

The Annual General Meeting for shareholder members is being held on Thursday 27th February.  You should have already received your invitation. Contact for more information.

Zero Waste Section

This is an exciting new area of our shop , which we began a few weeks ago.  Pupils from Beeslack High School helped set up the  initial shelving for our bulk cleaning liquid dispensers.  We have had a lot of interest and support for this section so that customers can do more to reduce waste at home, reducing plastic packaging and saving money at the same time.

The Penicuik Community Climate Change Challenge – Positive low carbon living now

We are waiting  to hear if we have been awarded a grant from the Climate Challenge Fund to allow us to deliver a two year project. We should know in March and will keep you posted. Contact for updates, of if you might want to get involved.

More about the Storehouse

Penicuik Storehouse is owned by over 700 shareholders (and increasing) and run on behalf of the community by a community benefit society –  the Penicuik Community Alliance. We have been leasing the old Scotmid store at 22 The High Street since last 2017 and thanks to The Scottish Land Fund and our shareholders we, the community,  now all own it.

There is a shop open seven days a week in the front of the ground floor and several local businesses have a stall in there one day a week.

We will have an expanded shop soon with a greater range of products and more stalls from local producers.

There will also be a community cafe with a training kitchen which will enable vulnerable people within our community to gain experience and skills in cooking and customer service. A seating area will be a great place to meet and have a chat with friends while enjoying simple fare from the kitchen, a good cup of coffee and freshly baked bread and cakes.

Most of all we hope to bring the heart back into Penicuik town centre through good food, a place to meet and community events.

With the award from the Scottish Land Fund  we have just about finished renovations to the ground floor and are seeking a Completion Certificate to confirm a major milestone of the Storehouse community hub.

See our current Business Plan