The Penicuik Storehouse is a Community Food Market with Cafe Bakery

Community Food Market with Cafe Bakery

A new community project and social enterprise especially relevant for Penicuik to help bring local food business back to the High Street. We are currently renovating the former Scotmid / Nickel & Dime premises on the High Street which will provide a world class facility for Scotland.

The Community Food Market with Cafe Bakery will be opening on the ground retail floor in September with a bakery which will mean real locally made bread.

On the upper community floor we will have a community space to provide a home for local events.  The Fair Food Kitchen so we can share food skills, Fair Food Store means participants don’t go short and finally, the Fair Food Tea Room so we participants can celebrate by eating together.

We are currently running community meals most Thursdays in St James Church Hall until our community floor is completed so please come and join us because we want to get together with food. While the meal has been on almost every Thursday please make sure by checking our NEWS page for updates.

Community Food Market with Cafe Bakery for the citizens of Penicuik, Midlothian and beyond


Our large community events room with a capacity of 60 which is a bright centrally located space yet affordable. In addition we will be offering catering for events in the space which will again support local food businesses and our social enterprise.

Most of all we hope to bring the heart back into Penicuik town centre through good food and community events.

Penicuik Storehouse is owned by shareholders who as a result are friends and members of the local community and run by the committee on our behalf.

The Food Market includes cut price organic dried goods so it won’t cost you or cost the earth.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the community meal and to the Community Food Market with Cafe Bakery so we can build our food community together.


Furthermore, there is more info on the old storehouse website which can be found HERE

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