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EGGS - Happy Hens

There are so many labels when it comes to eggs, that it can be confusing for the consumer. Free-range is what most people look for, and picture the scene below. For an egg to be labelled as free range, farmers must have no more than 9 hens per square meter of indoor space, and the hen must to be given some outdoor access. While better than caged hens, this is still a lot of birds in a small roosting space, and there are no specifications on how long they spend out doors. So free-range is no guarantee for a happy, healthy flock.

We put a lot of thought into our choice of suppliers, to ensure that the eggs we sell are both bird- and planet-friendly. This photo comes from Kintyre Eggs, in Campbelltown, and as you can see these birds are truly free-range. They have unlimited access to acres of fields, and are only brought in at night. Scotstoun Organic eggs follow the strict Soil Association guidelines, allowing their hens the same freedoms. We also have some eggs from small local flocks in Peebles and Lamancha on sale when they have a surplus, where the birds are part of the family! None of our egg farmers use prophylactic antibiotics or pesticides, and all feed their hens on a natural diet - no hormones to increase egg size here. Eggs from 'Happy Hens' have been shown to be higher in vitamins and minerals, and lower in cholesterol, as well as giving better flavour. We can certainly taste the difference!

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