The Storehouse is currently run entirely by volunteers.
There are and will be many opportunities to volunteer with us as we expand. Please fill in a volunteers form to let us know what you would like to do and your availability.  Download it here

The shop.
Roger Kelly has managed the shop for its first year and early in 2019 PCA took  over the responsibility for it.

You could take a regular day or half day shift every week. Or you can come in when you are free, there is always something to do.

Community Meal. 
June heads up the production of a fantastic three course meal every Tuesday in St James the Less Church Hall using donations of food from Costco and others which are needing to be put to good use before going out of date. Preparation starts at 10.30am. If you volunteer regularly at the Community Meal we can put you through your Food hygiene course and you can get a qualification. If you have been out of work a while and are looking to build your CV, we can provide you with examples you can use . These could be teamwork, social skills, or we can provide you with a reference based on your involvement. If you, or anyone you know may benefit from any of the above please get in touch.

Building and DIY
We are now well under way with continuing the refurbishment of the ground floor with tradespeople and volunteers co-ordinated by Nigel. We may be able to keep our costs down with volunteers doing some of the work under supervision.  Drop by, speak to or contact Nigel Patch, our site manager, usually there on a Monday and a Friday and ask what YOU can do to help.